Bill Eisenhard (1:13:42pm CST)
Driver Bill Eisenhard
Class Stock Touring Presented by RC America
Transponder 7838511
Session Time Date: November 24, 2022 (Thursday)
Start: 1:13:42pm CST
End: 1:15:03pm CST
Length of Session: 20
Num Laps 1
Fastest Lap 19.611
Top 3 Consec
Averages Avg: 19.611
Top 5:
Top 10:
Top 15:
Std Deviation: 0.000
Consistency: 100.000%
Valid Lap Range 8 to 5:00
(lap times outside of this range are maked as "invalid")
Lap Times
Lap 1: 19.611
* indicates an invalid lap (not counted in stats)
Lap-by-Lap Graph
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